Made in Minnesota: RedLadder Provides a Lifeline for Charities

Made in Minnesota: RedLadder Provides a Lifeline for Charities

A Local Innovation with Global Potential

Eden Prairie, MN — RedLadder, an innovative, fun, and engaging web-based platform promises to redefine philanthropy by turning the trading of everyday items into significant charitable funding. Created by the Minnesota-based nonprofit C.A.S.E.S Institute, RedLadder harnesses the spirit of the famed Red Paperclip Project to benefit charitable organizations, the environment, and community members.

Transforming Charitable Giving:  RedLadder introduces a novel concept where users donate an item they no longer need, to create the first rung of a "trade ladder" to benefit their favorite charity. The ladder escalates in value through a unique trading process, building to a high-value item that is monetized to create a significant donation to the designated charity. “RedLadder redefines philanthropic funding by addressing the critical issue of donor fatigue head-on. Instead of organizations competing for a static pool of resources, RedLadder broadens the financial base for charities, injecting new funds and energy into the charitable giving ecosystem” states Joel Ackerman, Founder of RedLadder.

A Fun, Engaging Way to Give Back:  Participation in RedLadder is designed to be as enjoyable as it is meaningful. The platform is accessible via any web browser, simplifying the way people give back to their communities. By turning the donation process into a series of engaging trades, RedLadder adds an element of excitement to philanthropy, making it a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Environmental Impact and Scalability:  Every item traded on RedLadder is another item diverted from landfills, highlighting the platform's commitment to environmental sustainability. Focused initially on the Twin Cities, RedLadder has the infrastructure and strategic partnerships in place to scale nationally and internationally, promising widespread ecological and philanthropic benefits.

Strategic Partnerships and Community Involvement:  Key collaborations with logistic experts like Your Turn, LLC, and technology partners have fine-tuned RedLadder’s operational backbone. Moreover, engaging community events and partnerships with local charities are sparking a grassroots movement, propelling RedLadder into the spotlight as a community-focused innovation.


Call to Action:  Get involved with RedLadder by visiting Start a trade ladder, participate in trading, or simply explore how your actions can lead to substantial charitable funding. RedLadder will host a launch event from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on May 1st at Your Turn Consignment, located at 6868 Washington Ave S. #100, Eden Prairie, MN, 55344. The event will provide an opportunity to engage with the platform, donate items, and become a part of redefining charitable giving.  Everyone is invited to bring new or gently used items worth at least $20 each, as their donation to create trade ladders for their favorite charitable organizations.

From a RedLadder Participant:  "RedLadder has given my unneeded items a new lease on life. Starting each ladder was just the beginning; I will get to see them expand as others engage, trading up to higher values, culminating in substantial benefits for the charities I care about. It’s a community effort where everyone’s involvement amplifies the final donation. Join us and see the impact of collective action!" – Diane D.

Join us in making a difference, one trade at a time!


About RedLadder:  RedLadder is an initiative of the C.A.S.E.S Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to leveraging technology for social benefit. With a commitment to innovation and community service, RedLadder aims to provide sustainable solutions to support charitable organizations globally.

Media Contact:
Name: Joel Ackerman
Phone: 612-396-6521

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